Share information, advice and insights about your career field or industry to a group of current students. If interested, contact Linda LeNoir at

Host an Intern for a Day
Host a student for a day or ½ day during the fall and/or spring semesters providing them with Terp insight into your organization and awareness of career options. If interested in learning more, contact us at

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In partnership with the Maryland Alumni Association, we invite you to join this online advising program, which offers a safe and secure space for alumni-to-student and alumni-to-alumni advising and mentoring.  No overwhelming time commitments. No out of pocket costs. Protection of your personal information. Convenient sessions. Free to join to serve as an Advisor. 

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Join 29,000+ Terps on our University of Maryland College Park Alumni (Official) LinkedIn group to connect with fellow Terp alumni and future alumni and to join in UMD discussions.  Use the LinkedIn Alumni tool to further extend your reach to the 200,000+ Terps worldwide.  Access at