Searching for a full-time post-graduation job seems like a full-time job in itself. 

Talking with employers can be intimidating at first. But it shouldn’t be! Informational interviews have been a great way for me to connect with employers. 

Written by Rachael O'Meara, Peer Career Educator

If you have none--or just one--paid work experience and feel as if your resume is looking a bit bare, it will be okay. Don't panic! No extracurriculars either? No worries! There are still experiences to put down.

Written by Pamela Tarectecan, Peer Career Educator


Some of the biggest benefits of your Careers4Terps account in less than five minutes.

The STAR method is a key technique to use for answering behavioral questions in an interview, but don’t worry! It is easy to learn, and it helps you completely and thoroughly answer interview questions like a pro. So what does STAR stand for: Situation, Task, Action and Result. Here is how to apply the STAR method to interview questions.

What is networking? The age-old question, asked by every college student and most adults. It’s one of those things we know is important and beneficial to our success, but we hate to do it. To lessen the burden and “scariness” of networking, try out these 3 tips.

Written by Cierra Belin, Peer Career Educator


Imagine this: You’re minding your own business in an elevator and the CEO of your ideal company or organization steps in on the next floor. What now? Do you spark a conversation, or do you miss the opportunity to truly sell yourself? With less than 30 seconds to shine, you think back to when you wrote your elevator speech for the career fair. So, you start the conversation feeling confident in yourself and what you have to say and before you know it, the two of you have exchanged information and you’re one step closer to your dream job!


Job interviews may seem daunting. Here’s everything you need to prepare for them the right way.

Written by JoAnna Mak, Peer Career Educator 

When it comes to the job search, receiving an interview is only half the battle. Here’s five ways to safeguard your spot on a company’s roster.

When you’re all done relaxing and recharging this break, tackling some (or all) the items on this list is bound to help you get ahead of the game for your job search. 

1. Work on your resume. No, it’s less fun than waiting for the marshmallows to melt in your hot chocolate, but if you can get over this hurdle you’re doing your future self a huge favor.