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Tuesday, September 1, 2020 | Anonymous


What did you do during the summer? Yes, all of us were still managing the impact of COVID-19. Yet, the seasons of the year have not changed. It is nearing the end of summer, and that means it time to return to school. 

And yes, you will be returning to school, whether in-person or virtually.

Another thing that has not changed is preparing for your career. The pandemic has caused a change in the labor landscape and the educational institutions, but the employer still wants to hire you, and the graduate school wants to enroll. So your purpose in going to college remains the same: to prepare for your future. As a student, you still need to plan for your career.  

“My advice is that they [students] study something that they are interested in and are possibly good at because that will give them the most success and it will maximize their potential,” - Debra Felix, Felix Educational Consulting & former Director of Columbia University, Admissions

The University Career Center has been open all summer assisting students and graduates with resumes, job searches, and interviews. We also were preparing for upcoming events, including the annual Fall Career & Internship, which will occur virtually.

No joke, it is a difficult time. However, it is time to employ key competencies employers seek: Problem-Solving and Resiliency. Follow the advice recommended by job recruiters. 

  1. Seek internship opportunities
  2. Pursue research opportunities
  3. Grow your skills and knowledge
  4. Keep your skills up-to-date
  5. Stay focused
  6. Find a balance with your personal life
  7. Pursue your passion
  8. Strive for excellence and stay motivated
  9. Build your network: Professors, Alumni, and Peers
  10. Actively seek opportunities
  11. Create opportunities
  12. Find companies on social media

Another key recommendation is to “use your Career Center.”


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Remember, this is the best time for you. You have people, despite the pandemic, that want help you continue to pursue and achieve your career goals. Have a great semester, and continue to be resilient.

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-- Written by Pamela Allen; UCC Program Director, Multi-Ethnic Students