Educational Experiences You Might Not Notice

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 | Anonymous
Two female and one male college student sitting around laptop laughing.

If you have none--or just one--paid work experience and feel as if your resume is looking a bit bare, it will be okay. Don't panic! No extracurriculars either? No worries! There are still experiences to put down.

Written by Pamela Tarectecan, Peer Career Educator


Classes and projects are an often overlooked source of experiences! Say you’ve had an amazing class, related to the field you want to work in, that challenged you by putting you in relevant positions or by assigning you applicable projects. Those are very valuable experiences! If the projects were a highlight in your college career, why not put them on your resume? Researching data, exploring an idea, working on a team, and presenting work are all skills employers love to see.

I do have to warn; putting classes that are just lectures are not the best idea. Although it is important to learn, an employer doesn’t gain much by your being able to spew out facts like the structure of DNA. Now, if you used that information to conduct experiments or analyzed the structure with tools in a lab, those are much more interesting. This applies to more than just STEM fields! Did you learn to use a specific computer program or how to interview individuals for a research project? There are so many active things you do throughout college. Don't forget about them!  

Your education makes up most of these four years of your life. If you can show off some important highlights, put them on your resume! If you want help digging through and making sense of what experiences employers might find interesting, drop by and ask us, the Peer Career Educators!