Freshmen, you're welcome, too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | Anonymous
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As a freshman, take advantage of the resources we offer. Check out the top four things you'll gain from visiting the University Career Center. 

Written by Jules Balzer, Peer Career Educator

The University of Maryland offers an extensive amount of resources to enhance your student experience; yet all of these resources can be overwhelming. Your future career might not be your top priority during your first year, which may deter you from coming into our Center. 


Explore Majors and Minors

We know that being thrown into your freshman year leaves you with a number of decisions to make, and choosing your major is one of them. If you're a Letters & Sciences major, explore options of what you might like to study. If you have decided on a major, explore other majors and minors you find interesting. We have the tools to explore your interests and strengths. From there, we can discuss which majors and industries may stand out to you based on the findings. This step can improve your confidence in your major or in your exploration of other possibilities.

Research potential fields

We help you discover possible career fields of interest. This might seem miles and miles away, but the key is to start early. This not only benefits your future, but also your present! Take our Intern for a Day program, for example. Intern for a Day gives you the opportunity to explore a career field you're interested in for a single day to give you a better idea of whether or not that career path is right for you. Additionally, we have tools that can connect you with alumni in your fields of interest. These resources can give you a clearer picture of a career path you're considering.

Find resume builders

More often than not, first years don't visit the Center because they believe they don't have enough experience to make a sufficient resume. That doesn't matter! We help you learn to build a resume with any and all experience you may have, as well as how to build up experience while at Maryland. For example, we can help identify campus leadership opportunities and organizations of interest that could build your resume in the future as well as teach you how to articulate past experiences onto your new resume.  It's never too early to start working on your resume! This way, if your dream internship appears unexpectedly, you have already put in the groundwork to reach your goals! 

Take advantage of internships

Perhaps the biggest misconception most freshmen have is the idea that freshmen can't have internships. False! Internships can be found without multi-year college experience. An internship may be less intensive for younger students, but they provide shadowing opportunities. The earlier you start, the more advantages you may gain. First, it's an obvious resume builder! Employers are impressed to see you getting your foot in the door early. Second, you leave with a better understanding of whether that career is one you want to pursue. Early internships will set you apart from your peers, fast.

Freshman year is busy, overwhelming even, but there is potential for incredible amounts of experience. Stop by our Center and start your career journey early. You'll definitely thank yourself later!


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