What is Networking?

Friday, February 17, 2017 | Anonymous
Two female professions talking in office setting

What is networking? The age-old question, asked by every college student and most adults. It’s one of those things we know is important and beneficial to our success, but we hate to do it. To lessen the burden and “scariness” of networking, try out these 3 tips.

Written by Cierra Belin, Peer Career Educator


Email, Email, Email

When looking into companies, after looking at their mission statement and projects, be sure to head over to the staff section. This is where you’ll find a list of the employees and what they do, which gives you the perfect opportunity to find their email and send them a quick message just to introduce yourself.  This email will include the written version of your 30-second elevator pitch, which is just to tell them a little bit about yourself. Don’t have a 30-second elevator pitch? Check out page 32 of the Terp Guide to make your pitch perfect!

In addition to introducing yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for an informational interview.


LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

Didn’t find that employee’s email? The next step should be to connect with them on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is the one-stop-shop for connecting with professionals. Type in the name of the company and/or the employee you found on their website, and voila! Be sure to send a personalize message when you ask to connect with them. This would also be a good place to use a shorter version of your 30-second elevator pitch and to ask for that informational interview.


University Career Center, University Career Center, University Career Center

The University Career Center & the President’s Promise is one of the best options for networking. The Center has networking events/panels weekly and it is a great way to learn more about a field you’re interested in and to talk to the people you think you want to become in five years. For in-person networking events, if you know a little about the panelist beforehand, that will never hurt while you’re talking to them, so be sure to do your research. *wink* LinkedIn *wink*

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