To help UMD Faculty and Staff know about career programming happening this semester, and to assist in your understanding of career paths and trends, the University Career Center & The President’s Promise provides several resources.

Job Market and Outcome Data
Job market trends are helpful for understanding how competitive students may find the job market they will attempt to enter upon graduation.  This section offers links to resources that forecast hiring levels for the coming year, as well as which industries and professional fields are currently in demand.

The annual Graduation Survey adminstered to bachelor's degree recipients offers a snapshot of recent graduates' initial career related outcomes.  A link to the full report is included that breaks down results by school and college.

Career Readiness
Career readiness, a concept that has gained national attention in recent years, refers to institutional efforts that insure students are ready to pursue a chosen career path upon graduation and successfully compete in the job market.  The University of Maryland is in the early stages of developing a structured approach.

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The Center supports the following distributed offices. These offices provide integrated career exploration/development programming that targets industries and professional fields related to majors in their respective host school or college.  If you have a college specific programming idea, please share it with the respective Program Director.