Welcome to the University of Maryland Graduation/First Destination Survey!

Thank you for participating in the Graduation/First Destination Survey for the University of Maryland. Your response is important! The collected information is used to demonstrate the success of our graduates to your college Dean, future students, prospective employers, and the public at large. The University is asked to report outcome data of its graduates for ranking, accreditation, state funding and other purposes. This information also helps us to refine our programs and services. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please note that information provided in individual responses will be kept confidential. Survey results will be reported in aggregate.

When you access the survey you will be prompted to login with your numerical University ID Number.

Only those Bachelor's degree level students reported as graduating in the semesters listed below will be able to access the survey - if you are unable to access and graduated in one of these semesters please contact gsurvey@umd.edu ASAP to receive access.



R.H. Smith Students: 

To start the Graduation Survey Business Addendum CLICK HERE

You will also receive instructions for accessing the survey via Hiresmith from the Office of Career Services.


If you have not previously responded, to start the Graduation Survey CLICK HERE

You will also receive instructions for accessing the survey from your respective college.


Congratulations on your graduation and good luck in your future endeavors!