For family members of Maryland students, we recognize the unprecedented challenge the COVID-19 crisis has set before us.  In addition to the rapid conversion that was required for students, faculty and University staff to begin operating exclusively online, families also had to adjust to remote or suspended work, home schooling younger family members, and taking extra caution with elders.

Although the duration of the crisis is uncertain, the University Career Center team is available to answer questions about maintaining career momentum during the crisis period.  Parents are encouraged to reach out to the Center via our email address:


Virtual career advising meetings with students.  Students may sign up for an appointment by logging into Careers4Terps and clicking on the Request a Career Advising Appointment link.

An array of online resources.  These resources, accessible by logging into Careers4Terps, assist students with different aspects of their career exploration, job or internship search, including:

  • Job and Internship postings – the Center’s exclusive posting database showcases internships, part-time and full-time employment opportunities offered by employers specifically recruiting University of Maryland students.
  • InterviewStream – a tool for conducting mock interviews in preparation for job or graduate and professional school interview questions.
  • FOCUS2 – an easy-to-use assessment tool that helps identify interests, values, skills, and personality characteristics, and match them with career interest fields and job categories.
  • Vault – the Center provides free access to one of the leading vendors of career exploration guides to selected interest fields and reviews of employers popular with college graduates
  • GoinGlobal – a database of resources for students considering work opportunities abroad, as well as telework and freelance jobs available in the U.S.

Ongoing communication with employer connections.  We are fielding updates from employers regarding the status of internships and employment opportunities, and assisting many with ways to develop alternative, virtual career experiences.  Employers indicating they are still hiring are actively posting information in Careers4Terps.

Accommodating requests for online workshops.  Center staff are available to provide web-based workshops on a range of career topics.  We are also promoting webinars and virtual events offered by employers and other organizations through the Center’s calendar of events.

Subscriptions to the Center’s bi-weekly e-newsletter.  It provides quick access to recently posted opportunities, useful tips, links to unique resources, information on upcoming virtual events, and workforce trends we’re monitoring.

Frequent updates to the Center’s special webpage, Strategies for Navigating During COVID-19.  This page features advice on maintaining career development momentum during the crisis, links to articles and job market intelligence, as well as to special sites of particular interest during the pandemic.


Although the pandemic has damaged the economy and upturned hiring plans for employers, it’s too early to predict how long effects will linger.  We empathize with the anxiety and disappointment our students are experiencing.  Unlike previous downturns, the negative impacts reached globally within weeks.  There hasn’t yet been enough time to recalibrate expectations and rethink options.

We’re looking ahead to the next big hurtle for students: how to navigate an unstable job market.  Whether plans included gaining experience through an internship, earning income for school, or starting a post-college career, chances are plans have been disrupted.  Even students who already secured internships or full-time positions may have learned that their situations are now tenuous.

The best advice: concentrate on becoming more career ready and don’t lose sight of long-term goals.  During this disruption of plans and routines, students can use the time to invest in their career knowledge and job search skills.  Many steps in career exploration and search preparation can be performed virtually, and we’ve outlined several strategies with links to resources.  Despite the uncertainty, students can make progress on getting ready for when conditions improve, placing themselves in a good position when employers begin recruiting again.  They can also investigate pathways they had not considered about before, and some will discover new opportunities.

We encourage you to help your student connect with alumni, family members, friends, and others for informational interviews and personal insights.  This article from Collegiate Parent,Tips for a Job Search During the Coronavirus Pandemic, offers good advice.


of employers plan not to revoke offers as of 4-17-20 (NACE Coronavirus Quick Poll)

Recording of the Recruitment During Quarantine Virtual Panel 04/27/2020