UMD Alumni are terrific sources of career advice for students, and they should serve as initial points of contact for you in exploring careers and industries.  Often you will hear the term, “Informational Interviews” wherein you are supposed to find someone willing to have a conversation with you about their careers, and you probably wonder how to find these people who are so willing.  Well --- UMD Alumni are there for you!

As student, you can use Terrapins Connect to connect with UMD alumni employed in a variety of fields!  This confidential service is free to students.  Once you sign-up, you can view over 1,000 alumni profiles and reach out to them for a career conversation (or informational interview) or for feedback on your resume.  Additionally, there is a library of videos that can also provide you with insightful information from alumni on career and job search.

So –what are you waiting for?


University of Maryland Alumni & Student Profiles in LinkedIn

Candid Career Informational Interviews with Professionals