What is an internship?
An internship is a monitored work experience that has intentional learning outcomes and goals for students.  

  • The intent is for you to learn from a professional in an intended career field.  
  • Ideally, the internship host provides educationally enriching projects with learning objectives, mentoring, evaluation, quality training and supervision.  
  • The majority of job assignments should relate to your major or career interests with minimal assignments involving clerical work.

Types of Internships:
Any of these types can be done during a regular semester (Fall, Spring - even Winter) or during summer break.

Traditional (Private or Public Sector) – These internship are almost entirely completed at the organization's site. Some travel to off-site locations may be required.

Virtual – These internships are done from a remote setting so you are not physically present at the internship location.  Technology is highly utilized and regular face-to-face meetings with your supervisor should occur in a public location.

Research – Sometimes called "research internships", they are generally different from traditional internships. In these experiences, you will undertake research for a particular organization. The results of the research study is usually compiled into a formal report and presented to the organization's leadership and, possibly, to your department faculty. 

Externships – These are extremely short-term experiences, typically one week or less.  They can also be known as a job shadow.

What is a part-time job? 
Consider this scenario: If a student is learning about marketing from the Marketing Director (and completes marketing projects under supervision), it is an internship. If a student is doing the marketing for the organization, it is a part-time job.

A part-time job is a form of employment where an individual is hired, usually with a desired skill set, to perform a task.  The intentional learning to the part-time worker is minimal and mentorship usually does not exist.  One is simply hired to do a job.

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of 2016 UMD grads said their job is directly related to their field of study or utilizes knowledge, skills and abilities gained through their study.

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