Faculty-sponsored research opportunities will introduce you to a field of study and to the rewards of scholarly research. You will have the chance to work closely with a faculty member on his/her own research area and learn what it means to be at a premiere, cutting-edge research institution.

 There are many paths to finding research opportunities on campus. See the short list below for ideas on how you can get started.

  • Visit the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research website to find a list of some of the research opportunities available on campus
  • Check out your college or department websites or contact your academic advisor for more information. Many colleges and departments have established research programs and offer academic credit.
  • Speak to your professors, sometimes they have openings or know of one of their colleagues that is looking for student help.
  • Reach out to other faculty (email, call, stop by their office!) who are doing the research you want to do and express your interest. Their research is important to them; showing you have an interest in what they’re doing will definitely impress them.
  • Ask friends that are doing research on campus. If there is an opening in their lab, they can put a good word in for you. Faculty members like getting referrals from students already working in their lab.

students participated in the 2015 Undergraduate Research Day, showcasing current research, scholarship, and artistic endeavors