Internship Resources

Whether you are seeking an internship with a non-profit organization, government agency, or for-profit company, there are many resources available to through campus and outside of campus to help with your internship search.  

There are many ways to find an internship and we encourage you to try a variety of avenues to search: Career & Internship Fairs, Careers4Terps, online databases, informational interviewing, family, friends, professors and other contacts.  Let everyone in your life know that you are searching for an internship and give them details on the types of internships you are seeking.

Check out the University Career Center's Industry Guides and the Vault guides for additional industry tips.

Careers4Terps & Campus Internship Sources

Careers4Terps is our online database specifically for University of Maryland, College Park students.  Employers log into Careers4Terps themselves and post part-time jobs, full-time jobs and internships!  At any given time, there can be 1,000+ internships posted in the system.  You have access to Careers4Terps on

Aside from Careers4Terps, there are many other sources on-campus to finding internships.  This is not a comprehensive list of all options available.  We encourage you to check your major’s website to see if there is information about internships.

Engineering students have access to Careers4Engineers, which looks very similar to Careers4Terps because it is a subset of Careers4Terps.  Any engineering internship that is listed in Careers4Terps will also be listed in Careers4Engineers.

Business students have access to HireSmith.  Careers4Terps and HireSmith are two completely separate internship posting systems, so business students should utilize both HireSmith and Careers4Terps.

College of Behavioral & Social Science students have access to their department's blog which often times highlights internship postings relevant to that major.  Are you an Economics student interested in government?  Check out the blog for Government & Politics students, along with the blog for Economics students!  To see all BSOS department blogs, visit.  Also, you can find helpful resources for your major, including where students within your major have interned in the past here.  

College of Arts & Humanities students click here for the latest career-related events targeted towards ARHU students seeking internships.  Also, follow "University of Maryland ARHU Students Affairs" on Facebook to stay up to date on relevant internships and events available!     

College of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences students receive a daily email at noon that highlights internship opportunities and other announcements.  Be sure to view this email each day to hear about relevant internships available.  CMNS students are also encouraged to click here.  

School of Public Health students click here to log into the SPH internship database by major.  Emails about internship opportunities are sent out to the SPH undergraduate list-serv, which you are automatically signed up for as an SPH student.  Pay attention to those emails!

Consider as it aggregates internship (and job) listings from thousands of websites, including company/organization career pages, job boards, staffing firms, and associations.  Employers don't post on Indeed - instead, Indeed is searching the web for actively posted internships that match the keywords in which you are searching.  

Internship Programs for Multi-ethnic Students

View this guide which lists internship programs focused on recruiting students of color.

Federal Government

With the University of Maryland's close proximity to Washington, DC, the federal government is an internship option many UMD students frequently use.  Each agency manages its own hiring.  The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) simplified the federal internship search by developing USAJOBS.  The site lists most, but not all, federal internships.

Applying to internships with the federal government can be a lengthy process and it is important to understand what is expected prior to partaking in the application process. Applicants may need to apply to government internships up to nine months prior to the experience due to the expected security clearance needed in order to be considered for the internship. There are many resources to help you prepare for applying to federal internships.  One resource,, developed through the Partnership for Public Service, gives college students insight into finding your fit within the federal government and valuable tips on how to develop effective application materials for internship postings.

When applying to a federal internship, it is very important to save the full internship announcement, the appropriate application forms, the closings/deadline dates for applications, specific duties of the position, whether a written test is required, educational requirements, etc.  Then follow the application instructions.  Most federal internships can be applied for by submitting a federal-style resume using the Resume Builder at USAJOBS.  

The Federal Government has a Pathways Program for talented students and recent graduates with greater access to federal internships, as well as meaningful training, mentoring and career development opportunities.  Aside from Pathways, the federal government also posts volunteer internships on USAJOBS and individual agency websites.


An excellent internship search tool for non-profits is Nonprofits (also known as not-for-profits) are organizations that promote a cause of provide a public service.  Nonprofits are often at the forefront of advocacy, social issues and scientific research.  Some manage and promote the arts, culture or even history in communities across the nation.  Political and labor groups are nonprofit organizations, as are professional and trade organizations.  The broad category of nonprofits also includes non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide critical services to areas affected by war or natural disasters.  Some promote environmental issues on an international scale.

Conduct informational interviews with directors and program administrators to learn the differences (and similarities) between nonprofit agencies.  Ask about the traits of people typically hired and internship types available.  Read about different agencies and volunteer with an agency of interest to become acquainted with the staff and services.  Volunteer positions sometimes provide solid leads on the "inside track" to internships.

On-Campus Internship Programs

Federal Fellows is open to students from all majors; year-long program combines a fall academic seminar with a spring internship.  Helps students deepen understanding of the federal government and policy making.

Global Fellows is similar to Federal Semester; fall academic seminar on global leadership and policy and a spring internship experience.  Two tracks: science diplomacy and international development.

Internships Abroad: Maryland-in-LondonMaryland-in-HaifaMaryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (Nicaragua, Dominican Republic & Ecuador), and more UMD internship abroad programs can be found here


Jobs and internships are posted every month in Careers4Terps

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