The On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program is an opportunity for organizations and students to connect during on-site interviews in the University Career Center & The President's Promise.  The program attracts employers from business, technology services, education, non-profit organizations, government agencies and more.

Each academic year there are hundreds of organizations visiting campus to conduct on-campus interviews for full-time entry level positions and internship opportunities. 


To learn more about OCI read the Questions & Answers below:




Who can participate in on-campus interviews (OCI)?

Only University of Maryland, College Park students and recent graduates are eligible to participate in on-campus interviewing.  Alumni are eligible to apply for On-Campus Interviewing positions for up to three years after your graduation date.  By submitting a resume to an on-campus interview position, you are agreeing to abide by the Career Center's expectations regarding On-Campus Interviews.

How can I apply to an on-campus interview (OCI) position?

Apply to an on-campus interview position in Careers4Terps.

  • Login into your Careers4Terps account
  • Under the “Quicklinks” section of the homepage, select “Campus Interview I Apply For”
  • Click “Apply.” (You may only apply AFTER you’ve uploaded a resume into Careers4Terps.)

By submitting a resume to an on-campus interview position, you are agreeing to abide by the Career Center's expectations regarding On-Campus Interviews.

When and where do organizations interview on-campus?

During the fall and spring semesters, only.  OCI does not take place in the summer, although you should be preparing during this time for your job hunt and researching previous and upcomign OCI organizaitons. Resume submission deadlines are as early as the first week of classes.  On-campus interviews take place in the University Career Center (3100 Hornbake Library, South Wing) unless otherwise specified. 

What organizations interview on-campus? Is it beneficial for me to apply to an on-campus interview position?

During spring 2016, one out of every four students that submitted a resume to an on-campus interview position received an interview. All organizations that host on-campus interviews have shown in interest in hiring UMD students. Take advantage of this opportunity! To see a list of organizations that participated in OCI last year, please see HERE.

What are additional methods to obtain an on-campus interview?
  • Attend a career fair. Many organizations use career fairs to meet and schedule impressive students for an interview.
  • Attend an employer event. By attending employer events, you will learn more about the company and sometimes have the opportunity to sign up for an interview.
  • Contact the employer directly via email or LinkedIn.  Through networking, there is an additional possibility that you will obtain an on-campus interview.

NOTE: If the employer replies to you that you should schedule an interview at the University Career Center, forward the email to us ( and we will add your name to the schedule. In the email, tell us why you are writing and give us your name, e-mail address, phone number, and UMD student UID number.

What can I do if I miss the application deadline date?

Organizations rarely grant extensions to their resume submission deadline. Review jobs in Careers4Terps on a regular basis and monitor the application deadlines closely.

How do I find out if an organization has selected me for an interview?

Login to Careers4Terps. Navigate to the Interviews > Interview Requests tab to sign up.Here you will see your status for all of the applications you have submitted. This status may be Invited, Not Invited, Alternate, or Pending.

  • Invited: Secure an open time slot. If you’ve been selected for an interview, you will receive an email prompting you to log into Careers4Terps to select an interview time.
  • Not Invited: Unfortunately, the employer has decided to move forward with other candidates. 
  • Alternate: Pay close attention to when alternate interview selection starts. At that time, you can sign into Careers4Terps to secure any remaining time slots. You are not guaranteed an interview if selected as an alternate.
  • Pending: The organization has not made selections yet. 
I've been selected/accepted for an interview. How do I sign up for an interview time?

Login to Careers4Terps. Navigate to the Interviews > Interview Requests tab to sign-up for an interview.

I can’t make my interview! How do I cancel the interview?

Cancellation Policy: You are required to contact the Center to cancel an on-campus interview as least 2 business days before the scheduled date. For example, if the interview is scheduled for Monday, you must cancel by 5:00 pm on Wednesday. If the interview is scheduled for Thursday, you must cancel by 5:00 pm on Monday. If a situation arises after the cancellation deadline that requires you to cancel the interview, contact the Center immediately, at 301-405-2780 and  

What happens if I miss my on-campus interview without canceling?

No Show Policy: You are considered a "no show" when you fail to cancel an interview with sufficient notice. Failure to make a scheduled interview appointment will result in temporary termination of all Careers4Terps privileges and future on-campus interviews until necessary steps have been taken by the student or alumnus/ae.

What should I do once I accept a job offer?

Once you have accepted an offer, the ethical course of action is to stop interviewing with other organizations and honor your commitment to work for the organization hiring you.  If you want to deactivate your Careers4Terps account send that request to  Also, notify any employers with whom you have already interviewed in order to withdraw your name from their consideration.   

After I graduate, can I participate in OCI if I haven't found employment?

Yes, alumni can participate up to three years after the graduation date.  Update your Careers4Terps profile from Student to Alumni before applying for positions.

How can I reserve a room for my phone or virtual interview?

You can reserve a quiet room with a computer and phone access for a remote interview with anorganization.  Contact the University Career Center Front Desk at 301.314.7225 with the time and date of the interview.  Remember to add extra time before the interview to prepare.

Questions about on-campus interviews? Who should I ask?

Email the On-Campus Interviewing team at, 301-405-2780

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Of students that apply to OCI are selected for an interview.