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Resume Books are virtual collections of student resumes who have opted in to share their resumes with employers within our Careers4Terps (C4T) system. This service offered to employers is a great supplemental way to source top Maryland talent in addition to more traditional recruiting engagements.

Employer User policy:

As a representative of your employer, you affirm compliance with the following upon requesting access to resume books:

  • Employer must have an employer account within the Careers4Terps system,
  • Employer must have an active job/internship posting within the Careers4Terps system,
  • Resumes will not be used for solicitation, or for any purpose other than recruiting for career or internship opportunities,
  • Resumes will not be shared with or sold to parties outside of your organization,
  • When contacting candidates sourced from Resume Books, provide adequate information about the nature of your outreach, your organization and the role(s) with candidates.  Contacts or emails that encourage the user to "email for more details" or that are otherwise inappropriate are not permitted, and
  • Any misuse of this information may result in suspension of access to the Resume Books feature and possibly the Careers4Terps system.

Third-party recruiters are not granted access to our resume books, but do have access to post jobs in Careers4Terps for students to view and apply. 


How do I access Resume Books?

Resume Book access can be granted to contacts within the Careers4Terps system, per adherence to the aforementioned policy.

Reach out to the Employer Relations team at 301.314.7225 or email to request access.

Once access is granted, you can access the Resume Books by:

  • Logging into Careers4Terps (C4T)
  • Click on the Resume Book tab on the left navigation bar of the homepage
  • Select the appropriate resume book and search by major, year in school, or keyword to identify candidates. 
  • Resumes are accessible in a pdf format to print or download.

Don't have an account in Careers4Terps? Review our Post a Jobs & Internships page and create an account today!

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