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Pursuing a Graduate Degree

Are you considering further study after completing your degree at the University of Maryland? The decision to pursue  a master's or a doctoral degree is an important one. Earning another degree now, may or may not be the best next step for you or your career.

Check out the pages below to learn more about the good (and not so good) reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, strategies for choosing graduate programs, key application tips and information about financing your graduate studies.


Is Grad School Right For Me?

There are good and not so good reasons to attend graduate school. You should consider the pros and cons  of going straight to graduate school versus working for a few years first to earn money,  gain experience, and clarify your longer-term career and life goals.

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Application Process

Completing the application takes persistence, attention to detail, and compiling the appropriate documents. Review the resources below to get a head start on your competition.

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Affording Graduate School

In some respects, paying for your graduate school is similar to undergrad.  For some graduate programs, there are more funding opportunities including graduate assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships.

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