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A Career You Hadn’t Considered

Your career path doesn't have to be linear, and there may be options for you that you may not have considered. Learn more about your field and the industry here.

Explore Industries and Career Paths

Who We Serve

The University of Maryland Career Center has resources for everyone.

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We’ve got your back with every aspect of your career journey. It's never too early to begin the process, so whether you just want to know about the resources available or you're ready to chart a course, let us help you!

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We look forward to partnering with you to identify the student populations that best suit your needs and then working to develop a customized strategy to help you achieve your recruiting goals.

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There is no better way for a student to learn about a career than to hear from someone working in that industry. We can also help you change careers if you feel unfulfilled in your current position.

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Faculty & Staff

There are numerous ways faculty can assist students with career development. As primary influencers of students, faculty that emphasize the importance of career readiness inside and outside of the classroom make an enormous impact.

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Parents & Families

As a parent or family member, you have a significant influence on the career choices made by your student.

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Bring Your Complete Self to Work

Myriad identities, skills, experiences and perspectives are welcomed by organizations for operational effectiveness and institutional advancement.

Diversity & Identity Support

Total placement of most undergraduates degree recipients entering the workforce.
Average Salary
Employed undergraduates degree recipients in positions directly related to their career goals (55%) or is a stepping stone (38%) towards their career goals.

We enjoyed conversing about my background in activism and my senior project so much that we met again to talk about filmmaking techniques. I was offered a production assistant position with his affiliate with a film that he's creating. Lastly, [my Intern for a Day host] told me that I could intern at his office and use the TV studio for any short film I wanted to make.

K. Coleman Student connected with a media professional through the Intern for a Day program provided by the University Career Center & The President’s Promise
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