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What happens in an interview.

Although an interview seems like a test, it’s actually more like a conversation. You as a candidate are trying to determine if the opportunity matches your goals just as the employer is assessing whether you are a good fit with their needs. This means you need to think of the interview as a two-way dialog, not just a one-way question and answer session.

Interest and motivation.

Why you want this type of job with this particular employer is as important as what qualifies you for it. The employer wants to know what motivates you and what path led you to this opportunity. They are looking for a team member that will add value, not just fill a position.

Focus on them, not just you.

The more an employer sees how much research you’ve done on the company, the industry, and details of the job, the better an impression you make. You don’t have to know everything. But demonstrating the effort to find out more signals that you’re truly interested in them. It distinguishes you among other candidates.

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