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How to Gain Experience

Performing well in your classes is extremely important, but 42,000+ other Terps are trying to do the same thing! What will set you apart from employers once it is time for graduation and the full-time job search? The experience you have obtained both inside and outside of the classroom. Not sure where to start? We have helpful ways for you to get exposure to different career paths through special programs we plan and resources to help you get the experience you need to stand out.


Did you know that 4,161 of UMD students have participated in the First-Year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE) since 2015? The University Career Center helps students gain experiential learning by connecting them with research opportunities.

Leadership & Service-Learning 

Most of us have heard the frustrating phrase, “Need a job to get experience, need experience to get a job.” The President’s Promise ensures that the University of Maryland is chock-full of opportunities outside the classroom to help you identify your passions and gain a competitive edge.

International Experiences

If you are interested in working in a global company one day and learning about other cultures, then you'll want to gain international experience through a study abroad or internship abroad program. The Education Abroad office can help you to find opportunities that are the right fit for your needs!

Student Employment

Being employed during the academic year or over summer or winter breaks is a great way to earn extra money, build a professional network, and gain valuable job experience that can transfer into your desired career goals.

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