You’ve heard all the buzz about the upcoming career fairs, now it’s time to make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward and make the most of your time at the fair.

What Fall 2020 career fairs and networking events are coming up?

What employers are going to be in attendance at the fairs?

Language Career & Internship Fair
Wednesday, October 14, 2020 |  11am-3pm
The Language Career & Internship Fair is for students seeking opportunities related to foreign languages as well as teaching English, working and/or interning abroad. 
Co-Hosted by the University Career Center and the College of Arts and Humanities.

iSchool Career & Internship Fair
Friday, October 16, 2020 |  1pm-4pm
The iSchool Career & Internship Fair is for all students seeking full-time and internship opportunities, or simply seeking to network with employers and learn more about positions across the spectrum of iSchool interests.  
Hosted by the College of Information Studies. 

School of Public Health Career Expo
Wednesday, November 4, 2020 |  2-5pm

The School of Public Health Career Expo is for all students seeking full-time and internship opportunities, or simply seeking to network with employers within the public health fields. 
Co-Hosted by the University Career Center and the School of Public Health.


Ways to Prepare for the Virtual Career & Internship Fair

What are your goals for the fair?

  • Connect with organizations to learn more about them and their opportunities
  • Identify potential internship or full-time opportunities; submit resume or learn the best method for applying
  • Develop your network – gain recruiter contact information or collect referrals to other departments/divisions within an organization. These relationships can be key in the future.
  • Meet with new, less familiar organizations and discovering unexpected opportunities.


Before the Fair – Planning is key!

  • Find out what organizations are attending (find through Careers4Terps) and conduct appropriate research on them.
  • Learn about the types of opportunities they are hiring for.  Log onto Careers4Terps and see if they have postings listed.  Go onto the organization's website and check out their careers section.
  • Create a list of employers of most interest to you, so you can prioritize who to connect with first.
  • Research the organization's culture through, LinkedIn, and just by simply googling the name of the organization.
  • Prepare your resume.
  • Practice how you will introduce yourself to employers, including your name, potentially your major, what opportunity the employer has available that is most of interest to you (show you did your research!), and any background or experiences that would be of interest to the organization.
  • Prepare a list of targeted questions to ask each employer based on the research you conducted.

Sample Questions Might Include:

  • I saw that you have XYZ internship posting in Careers4Terps - can you tell me a little bit more about that internship?
  • What type of projects do interns work on?  What kind of training would I receive?
  • Beyond the skill sets of (example 1), (example 2), (example 3) shared in the job description, what other skills are you looking for in candidates?  (Then share how you have those skills!)
  • Can you give me insight into your hiring timeline?

Take Care of Technical Issues Beforehand: 

  • Be sure your career fair profile in Careers4Terps is up to date.
  • Have an updated web browser and flash player installed.
  • Be thoughtful of your background - what will the employer see behind you when you're on camera?
  • Test your lighting.  Make sure the employer will be able to see you clearly.
  • Try to position your camera at eye level.  Consider stacking a few books underneath your laptop or computer monitor if needed.


During the Fair

What should you wear?

Consider the field you are interested in pursuing.  Do some research on what is typical within that field and take your dress a step further.  If a suit is typical attire in the field, wear a suit.  If a t-shirt and jeans is typical in the field, wear a polo shirt or nice blouse.  

Check out our Pinterest page for examples of what to wear!

Other Tips:

  • Try to log into the fair when it begins.
  • Target the organizations of interest you. But, also keep an open mind and consider organizations you are not familiar with – there are great opportunities everywhere. You will be able to see how long of a wait each employer has (even virtually).  Explore a potential employer that has a shorter wait time. 
  • Once in the meeting room with the employer, introduce yourself with a smile.  Allow the employer to introduce themselves and then tell them more about yourself.
  • Ask questions from the list you prepared.
  • Write notes about your interaction with the employer in the Careers4Terps system.


After the Fair

  • Apply to any positions you may have learned about at the fair.  Many will be posted in Careers4Terps, but also ask the employer how to best apply for their opportunities.
  • Write a thank you e-mail to the representatives you met. Include another resume and, if requested, any additional information.
  • Continue to research the companies or organizations that you met at the fair.

Supplement your fair attendance by attending other employer events such as information sessions, networking events or panels. See the Calendar for an upcoming events listing.