What is a Graduate Assistantship?
Graduate Assistantships are part-time employment opportunities for enrolled graduate students at the University.  Available in many offices across campus, they offer an opportunity to work closely with faculty and undergraduate students in teaching, research, administration and more.

What Positions are Available?

Teaching Assistantships
The specific duties of Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) vary across disciplines and departments. Within a department, the particular assignment depends on the department’s needs and the experience and academic qualifications of the TA. All graduate TAs serving in any capacity are under the direction and close supervision of a member of the faculty.

Research Assistantships
The specific duties of Graduate Research Assistants (RAs) vary according to the nature of the research project in which they participate and the source of the funding. RAs may occasionally be asked to conduct some work at home, or to do their research at times when classes are not officially in session. The duties of RAs are also performed under the close direction and supervision of a member of the faculty.

Administrative Assistantships
A number of academic and non-academic units employ Graduate Administrative Assistants (AAs), generally to perform administrative support functions in an office setting. Such positions are expected to have a research or professional development component. Some administrative appointments are for less than one academic year.

What are the Benefits of a Graduate Assistantship?
Benefits of a graduate assistantship include, but are not limited to:

  • Part-time employment
  • Flexible schedules
  • Tuition remission
  • Competitive part-time salaries
  • Valuable experience
  • The opportunity to enhance your research skills

How do I apply?
You can apply by visiting UMD’s graduate assistant job postings page HERE.  To see a list of every graduate assistantship position that is advertised on Careers4Terps (C4T), click HERE. There are also a small number of Resident Life Graduate Assistantships available HERE.