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University Career Center Staff


Provides strategic direction for Center ▪ Brokers campus partnerships ▪ Chairs Senior Staff ▪ Directs first destination survey and other assessment measures ▪ Spearheads new career education initiatives, including the Maryland Career Readiness Plan ▪ Convenes Academic Advisory Group

Portrait of Allynn Powell

Allynn Powell


Academic Partnerships

Integrates career development activities into curricula ▪ Develops college-based career events ▪ Advises college-based students on a range of career development topics ▪ Hosts industry panels

Portrait of Erin Rooney-Eckel

Erin Rooney-Eckel

Senior Associate Director
Portrait of Casey Miller

Casey Miller

Program Director, AGNR
Portrait of Kate Juhl

Kate Juhl

Program Director, ARHU
Portrait of Becca Ryan

Becca Ryan

Program Director, CMNS
Portrait of VACANT


Program Director, Doctoral Students
Portrait of Caroline Bodnar

Caroline Bodnar

Career Advisor, ARHU
Portrait of Olivia Rosenburg

Olivia Rosenburg

Graduate Assistant, CMNS
Portrait of VACANT


Graduate Assistant, SPHL


First destination survey and other assessment measures

Portrait of Sharon Ousman

Sharon Ousman

Research & Assessment Analyst
Portrait of Parth Nanwani

Parth Nanwani

Graduate Assistant

Career Education & Exposure

Teaches three online career courses: EDCP108i, PSYC123 and UNIV099 ▪ Coordinates career exposure programs, including Intern for a Day ▪ Advises students of all majors on a range of career development topics ▪ Tailors career development programs for diversity, equity and inclusion partners ▪ Fields requests for classroom presentations

Portrait of Erica Ely

Erica Ely

Assistant Director
Portrait of Pamela Allen

Pamela Allen

Program Director, Multi-Ethnic Students
Portrait of Kevin Kenneally

Kevin Kenneally

Career Advisor
Portrait of Erin Callahan

Erin Callahan

Graduate Assistant
Portrait of Patrice Greene

Patrice Greene

Graduate Assistant
Portrait of Piper Holly

Piper Holly

Graduate Assistant, DE&I
Portrait of Jenny Sak

Jenny Sak

Graduate Assistant
Portrait of Sangida Akter

Sangida Akter

Graduate Assistant

Employer Relations & Professional Preparation

Leads employer engagement and recruitment activities, including Fall/Spring Career & Internship Fairs, interviews, job postings, and employer outreach ▪ Advises students on job searching, networking, and professional behaviors ▪ Serves as primary liaison to career centers in Robert H. Smith School of Business and A. James Clark School of Engineering ▪ Convenes Employer Advisory Group

Portrait of Allynn Powell

Allynn Powell

Portrait of VACANT


Career Outreach Specialist - BSOS
Portrait of Lydia Woods

Lydia Woods

Industry Development Specialist
Portrait of Teniqua Coates-Singh

Teniqua Coates-Singh

Employer Engagement Coordinator
Portrait of Charlene Kuo

Charlene Kuo

Graduate Student, Employer Relations

Alumni Engagement & Inclusion Initiatives

Engages alumni to assist students’ career growth through panels, networking events, and related programs ▪ Coordinates career development for international students and students with disabilities ▪ Supports Center’s diversity and inclusion efforts ▪ Guides acquisition of vendor-hosted resources

Portrait of Linda LeNoir

Linda LeNoir

Assistant Director, Vendor Reviews
Portrait of Nancy Forsythe

Nancy Forsythe

Career Development Specialist, Disabilities

Front Desk/Client Services

Orients students, employers and other patrons to Center resources and services ▪ Schedules appointments with individual advisors ▪ Fields client inquiries about Careers4Terps

Portrait of Leila Green

Leila Green

Program Administrator

Marketing and Events

Creates advertising and promotional campaigns for Center activities ▪ Produces marketing and branding materials ▪ Leads social media efforts ▪ Generates media assessment data Coordinates planning and logistics of career events, including Fall/Spring Career & Internship Fairs, industry-focused fairs and networking events ▪ Provides event support to Program Directors

Portrait of Quinn Arthur Farah

Quinn Arthur Farah

Career Events Coordinator
Portrait of Ilya Albert

Ilya Albert

Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Portrait of June Pham

June Pham

Graduate Assistant, Marketing & Communications


Administers budget and Center’s human resources functions ▪ Manages facilities maintenance and business operations ▪ Oversees IT support functions

Portrait of Erin Brault

Erin Brault

Assistant Director, Operations
Portrait of Michael Martucci

Michael Martucci

Business Services Coordinator


Maintains Center databases, hardware and automated tools ▪ Insures data integrity and security ▪ Provides technical assistance for Center’s online management system and website

Portrait of David Jensen

David Jensen

Information Systems Manager
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