The Maryland Career Readiness Initiative proposes a sequence of career development activities that all Maryland undergraduates complete prior to graduation.  Beginning in freshman year, the plan includes interactions, online modules, exploration tools, and programmed activities across three development stages—Career Foundations, Experiential Learning, and Professional Preparation. Although still under development, components of the plan have been piloted, including a large enrollment credit-bearing online course (PSYC 123:  The Psychology of Getting Hired) and a diverse array of career exposure activities (e.g., Career Shuttles, Intern for a Day, Industry Networking Series).  The initiative requires a customized framework with each school/college to insure programmatic components integrate logically into existing curricula and practices and complement required developmental activities already in place.  Student progress would be tracked to insure timely completion of developmental stages.

Career Ready means students

  • Know how their interests, values and skills relate to a career
  • Understand fundamental career decision making processes
  • Make use of career exploration and job search resources
  • Can articulate their ability to contribute in a work setting
  • Confidently engage professionals in their areas of interest
  • Proactively pursue their career goals