Getting Started with FOCUS 2:

Below is a quick guide designed to help you take the FOCUS 2 assessment. FOCUS 2 is an online career and education planning system based on established career and counseling principles. It provides a complete picture of your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure activities using self-assessment questionnaires, interest inventories, and personality testing. All University of Maryland students and alumni are eligible for free registration. 

  • Please login to your Careers4Terps account click here, once there, look on the bottom right for Online Resources/Focus 2, and follow instructions to register.
  • Fill out the registration information in its entirety 
  • Please use the access code indicated next to the link

  • Create and answer the security questions when prompted. 
  • Feel free to complete the entire assessment or the “Work Interest Assessment.”  It is a short piece of the entire assessment, but will provide some insight into the beginning stages of career exploration. 
  • You will be asked a series of questions and you are asked to review them based on the degree in which you would enjoy. There is a star rating system for you to follow. 
  • Once you have completed the Work Interest Assessment, you will receive a results page with a code.Your Holland code is most important. It can be accessed at any time by logging into your account. 

  • Please print this page and bring it with you to your appointment if you can!