Our team is here to assist you with every aspect of your career journey.  It's never too early to begin the process, so whether you just want to know about the resources available or you're ready to chart a course, let us help you #CareertheTurtle!

Most important is knowing where to start.  Career development evolves in stages.  To get where you ultimately want to go, start with the stage that fits your current situation.

Choose Your Career:  Discover your interests, values, personality and skills.  These are important predictors of the kind of work that will be most fulfilling to you.  In this stage you will begin to recognize connections between your major and different career profiles.  You'll also learn how to explore industries and career fields, and you will find out where UMD graduates have applied their talents.

Gain Experience:  Try out career interests.  To know if your career choices are the right ones, you need to immerse yourself in experiences that simulate the actual work.  In this stage you will engage professionals and visit employer sites to gain a sense of what the work is really like.  You will make plans to acquire hands-on experience through internships, research opportunities, volunteer experiences, study abroad programs, and many other options.

Launch Your Career:  Develop a job search strategy, build a professional network, and market your abilities to employers.  By this stage you have a clear set of interests that relate to specific types of jobs and employers.  You will have opportunities to participate in on- and off-campus interviews, career fairs, networking events, and other recruitment activities.  The conclusion of this stage is a successful transition into life after college.

Further Your Education:  Map out the additional education your interest field requires.  An advanced degree or certification may be necessary to reach the higher levels of your chosen field or profession.  Or, your intellectual curiosity may inspire you to deepen your knowledge in a particular discipline.  This stage is for learning how to investigate graduate and certification programs that match your needs, as well as how to compose quality application materials and secure recommendations.

Not sure which stage fits you?  Find out ways to meet with us and get started.