For many students, the most effective way to make time for career development is by taking a class.  There are a number of courses that address different aspects of career development, internship or job search preparation.  Some are taught in a classroom setting and others are offered online.  All provide exposure to career resources and practice in using essential job search techniques.

PSYC 123: The Psychology of Getting Hired is a one-credit, online asynchronous course that introduces students to psychological principles involved in hiring processes.  Students pace themselves through six modules that combine academic content with hands-on activities, online discussions and deliverable materials.  Two in-person activities—a resume review and a mock interview—occur in the Center.

EDCP 108i: Academic Transitions to Internships is a 7-week (half-semester) course recommended for students who have never had an internship and are actively searching for one.  The one-credit, online asynchronous course takes students through key exploratory and preparation activities, including understanding the components of an internship, increasing knowledge about an intended career field, developing a resume and cover letter, and identifying potential internship sites.

COMM 488i: Strategic Interviewing for the Career You Want is a  one-credit, online asynchronous course offered by the Department of Communication that introduces students to advanced techniques in interviewing for job opportunities and career progression. The course focuses on the dynamics of the interview process, the communication theories and best practices behind influence and persuasion, and the communication aptitudes and skills that distinguish top candidates.  


students enrolled in PSYC 123 or EDCP 108i in 2018-19

Video introducing PSYC 123: The Psychology of Getting Hired