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Internship Seminar UNIV099

How to Request Permission to Register for UNIV099 in Handshake

Please note: currently there are many requests coming through for summer 2024 internships.  In fairness to all students who are submitting their documents for review, requests are processed in the order that they are received.  Be sure to allow adequate time for your application to be approved by us before further outreach.  All questions about UNIV099 should be directed to

Please follow this step-by-step guide on how to gain permission to enroll in UNIV099 via Handshake.

OR view the video below that walks you through it in Handshake.

The University Career Center and UNIV099 instructional team are now using Handshake (no longer Careers4Terps). This video walks you through the step-by-step process of what you need to submit in Handshake in order to gain approval for UNIV099 registration.

What is UNIV099? 

UNIV099 is a zero (0) credit online internship seminar that is designed to complement a supervised internship experience. 

For the purposes of this course, the University Career Center & The President’s Promise defines an internship as a monitored work experience that has intentional learning outcomes and goals for students in their intended career field. It is expected that the internship supervisor is a professional in the student's intended career field.

Course Goals

One of the primary goals of UNIV 099 is to help you reflect upon your internship experience. The course aims to help you identify newly acquired skills, connect your internship experience to knowledge obtained in the classroom, and better understand how to achieve your future career goals.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Interested in UNIV099 Registration:

Course Information

  • UNIV099 is offered Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer semesters.
  • Students can repeat UNIV099, unless the student receives an F for not completing the course requirements in a previous semester.
    • Business Specialty Masters Students: Enroll in BMGT099
    • Engineering Students: Enroll in ENCO099
    • *Doctoral students in the research phase of their dissertation should register for 898/899*

Registration Requirements

How do I register for UNIV099?

International Students on F-1 Visa:

After registering for UNIV099, you now must apply for CPT authorization through ISSS. Visit iTerp to begin your application for CPT. 

You will need to upload the following pdfs to iTerp. Combine pdfs if needed:

  1. Your offer letter (may include additional documentation, such as supplemental job description, emails, etc.)
  2. Your Experience Form (go to your Experience request in Handshake and right click on "Survey Response". Click "Print" and under "Destination" choose "Save as PDF" to save your whole form as a pdf)
  3. Your supervisor signature (the UNIV099 instructional team has uploaded your supervisor's signature under the "Attachments" section of your Experience. Download this pdf).

ISSS processes all requests for CPT as quickly as possible and typically within 3-5 business days. Enrollment in UNIV099 does not guarantee that you will be granted CPT authorization for this experience. Do not begin working until you have received a new I-20 with the CPT endorsement on the second page. If you have questions about CPT authorization, please chat with ISSS or schedule an appointment with an ISSS advisor.


Questions not addressed in the links above can be sent to

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