STEP ONE: Assess Yourself & Explore

  • Complete FOCUS 2 through Careers4Terps to understand your interests, values, personality and skills, and how they line up with occupations and career paths.
  • Check out easy ways to start exploring major options at UMD, as well as potential career fields.
  • Reach out to UMD alumni in the field(s) you’re thinking about pursuing by using the UMD Alumni Association's Terrapins Connect.
  • Learn more about various industries through our center guides and additional resources.
  • Have you considered gap year experiences after graduation?
  • Are you thinking about pursuing graduate school?

STEP TWO: Prepare for the Internship or Job Search

  • Login to Careers4Terps and search internships, part-time and full-time jobs posted by employers.  At any given time, there are usually 2,000+ postings in the system!
  • Develop targeted resume(s) and cover letter(s) for the specific internship/job postings to stand out from the competition.
  • Start practicing your interview skills through InterviewStream, our virtual mock interviewing service through Careers4Terps.
  • Check out our job searching page for additional tips and best practices. 

STEP THREE: Start Your Search & Consider Your Possibilities

  • Review this detailed information on the variety of ways you can search for an internship or a job.
  • Check our event calendar weekly for upcoming career panels, industry meet ups, fairs, employer information sessions and other events to tap into.
  • Network, network, network!  Tell everyone you know - parents, friends, family, former supervisors - about your career interests and the types of opportunities you are seeking.
  • Continue to apply to opportunities with targeted resumes & cover letters; don’t stop searching until you accept an offer!

Need assistance with any of these steps, make an appointment with our staff!