Learn what networking is, why it is so important for your career, and how to get out there and network. 

Professional Networking, along with your academic performance and your extracurricular activities, is one of the most important steps to career development. It will help you build a set of relationships that will support you throughout your career.

It’s best to build your network before you need a job.  Here are some tips on how to get started now: 

Introduce yourself to classmates and also introduce people in your network to one another who would benefit by knowing each other.  This will help you receive similar introductions.

Actively participate in on-campus organizations and professional trade associations so you can meet people related to your field(s) of interest. Many associations have free or reduced student membership rates. If you don’t find an organization that meets your interests, consider starting one.

Reach out to your professors and campus administrators. Make sure your professors know who you are by asking questions and going to their office hours for individual attention.

Networking with fellow Terps and Terp alums can help give insight into various industries, provide a source of critique on resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews, and can sometimes even serve as a link to a specific company or industry.  

Connect online by creating and remaining active on select professional social media pages like LinkedIn and attending various industry specific events such as panels, conferences, and job fairs.

Volunteer your time/skills for an individual, a business, or an organization for a specific project that fits with your career goals or areas of interest.

Connect with your parents’ friends and your friends’ parents who may have expertise in the field you are interested in and ask for their advice on your career aspirations.  And don’t forget your relatives, neighbors, coaches, and others. Be sure to share your strengths and skill sets.  They might just be your link to your next employer!

Pursue an internship to get your foot in the door with an organization or to connect you with other opportunities.

For more information, visit the helpful links on How to Network and LinkedIn and Social Media


of job leads come through networking

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