Networking is one of the most important steps to professional development.  Networking is the interaction and exchange of knowledge and information to help build one’s professional circle and can help further one’s future career.  Networking with fellow Terps can help give insight into various industries, provide a source of critique on resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews, and can sometimes even be a linking bridge between you and a specific company/industry.  In-person and online methods of networking can help you start and propel your career further.  

Some helpful networking tips:

•Connect both online and offline by creating and being active on professional social media pages and attending various industry specific events such as panels, conferences, and job fairs.

•Actively participate in on-campus organizations and professional associations related to your field.

•Build your network and exercise your passions by volunteering with an organization that matches your career goals and/or personal interests.

•Stay in touch with former supervisors and colleagues.

Visit the helpful links on How to Network and LinkedIn and Social Media


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