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Once confirmed, we take great pride in helping to effectively market your event on campus. We will work to understand target populations and utilize a variety of channels to inform students about the opportunity to attend and connect with your organization. Review the information below and coordinate details with a member of our Employer Relations team.

What we need from your organization

If your organization can create electronic marketing collateral that includes the following:

  • Organization’s logo
  • Brief description of the event, what students can expect and take away
  • Contact information for the organization 
  • Permission to record and/or take notes at your session 

How we will support in advertising your event

Additional steps your organization can take to market the event

  • Engage former interns in sharing your event with their peers
  • Send personalized invitations to students who have applied for positions, attended past events, etc. 
  • Direct outreach to student organizations
  • Consider buying an ad in our student newspaper, The Diamondback
  • Leverage your social media presence and tag the University Career Center and we’ll amplify your message

Post Event Opportunities

While the event may be over, we believe there continue to exist ways to brand your organization and provide students with relevant information. 

  • Post event, consider working with our marketing team to create a ICYMI (In case you missed it) post for our blog or share on social media 
  • If session was recorded, allow permission to have event shared with students or posted on our YouTube channel

We will support in advertising your event to the best of our ability, however, we cannot compel student attendance. Be aware that students may have scheduling conflicts and prior commitments (such as jobs, classes, sports practice, and club meetings) that prevent attending sessions of interest.

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