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Veteran Students

Veteran students have unique skills and life experiences attractive to organizations.  The leadership, discipline, sense of duty, and honor characteristic of those that serve in the military are qualities that distinguish veterans in the workplace.  In addition, veterans acquire technical and teamwork skills, along with a proven ability to handle responsibility. Organizations specifically seek these attributes in the candidates they recruit and may even offer signing bonuses for veterans. 

Despite exceptional assets, veteran students can find navigating from military to civilian roles challenging.  The process may seem without structure or clear directions, and it may not be obvious how skills gained in the military translate into a civilian job. The Career Center can assist veteran and military connected students clarify interests and articulate the transferable value of military and other prior experience.

Top Career-Related Tips: 

  • Brainstorm civilian jobs using your Military Occupational Code (MOC) and use Skills Matcher to help discover career options related to your skills and experiences. 
  • Craft a civilian resume and have it reviewed by a career advisor.
  • An increasing number of organizations have launched initiatives to hire more veterans.  Many have created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help transition newly-hired veterans into the organization, and they may also partner with veteran support organizations.  Veteran students researching potential organizations may want to find out about the existence of ERGs and any other efforts they may have made to address veteran needs and concerns.
  • If interested in opportunities with the Federal government, check out to get started.
  • Connect with some of the campus, student and professional organizations linked below to network with employers seeking to hire veterans.
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