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As a person who identifies as a woman, you may have specific concerns and additional questions regarding equitable access as you transition to the workplace. According to a report by the Thompson Reuters Foundation, the top five career related issues for women are: 

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Equal Pay
  • Career Opportunities 
  • Children and Career
  • Harassment

Top Career-Related Tips: 

  • Make work fit your life. Look for employers whose values and work culture are aligned with yours.
  • Always negotiate salary. Do your homework, ask for the going rate and don't undervalue yourself or your skill set.
  • Project confidence, take initiative and take risks by doing things you are not 100% qualified for. 
  • Find mentors and sponsors/champions who have the agency and influence to help you grow and advance in your career.
  • Develop your network. Be visible and someone that others want to work with.

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