Learn more about the various search strategies and programs available to assist you in identifying opportunities that are right for you. 

The job search process requires your full attention and can sometimes feel like a daunting process. But, remember, many have gone before you and have successfully landed that first job and so will you!

Below is a checklist to help you begin your search. 

Step One:

Assess your skills and experiences
  • Reflect upon your academic, extracurricular and internship experiences. 
  • Consider your priorities and values in a work environment. 
  • Develop a list of potential employers and industries they are a part of.

Step Two:

Prepare for the Search
  • Log into your Careers4Terps account and update your profile. 
  • Update and tailor your resume and cover letter documents. 
  • Get active on LinkedIn.  
  • Set a goal to connect with UMD alumni using the UMD Alumni Advisor Network.  
  • Network, Network, Network! Tell everyone you know – parents, friends, faculty, former supervisors – about your career interests and the types of opportunities you are seeking. 
  • Practice interviewing

Step Three:

Start Your Search 
  • Schedule a job search appointment with a member of the Center staff.
  • Regularly check Careers4Terps, there are hundreds of new opportunities posted weekly.
  • Identify other industry-specific job boards or social media sites related to your career interest.
  • Attend career fairs, networking events and other employer sessions on campus to connect with employers who are hiring.
  • Consider participation in the On-campus Interview (OCI) program
  • Apply, apply, apply! You’ve done all your homework, now it is time to submit well prepared applications to the organizations of interest.
  • Follow-up. After every informational interview or actual interview, be sure to send a thank you note.

Download your own Job Search Plan and Checklist below! 

Researching the Employer