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Connect with Alumni

You should definitely consider the following ways to identify and begin networking with UMD alumni.

Join LinkedIn

Once you are a member of LinkedIn, input University of Maryland into the Search space.  Select “Alumni” where you will see that there are over 319,000 UMD alumni!  You will now be able to sort alumni by six fields:  Where they live; Where they work; What they do; What they studied; What they’re skilled at; and How you may be connected. As you define your search on these fields, scroll below your results to see pictures and profiles of alumni who meet your preferred selections. Use good business etiquette to reach out to selected alumni for an informational interview on their career, their employer, etc.

Join the Maryland Alumni Association

As a member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association you can connect with other alumni by chapters, by regions; by academic networks; and by affinity and special interest networks. Most of these groups provide online and in person opportunities to connect for educational and social purposes.  The Association also has a free, in depth resource, Terrapins Connect, available to its members, providing access to thousands of alumni representing a range of professions and industries.  You can connect with them to get career advice, mock interview opportunities, and resume critiques. 

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