Did You Know...?

There is not a standard internship hiring structure that every industry follows.  It is important for you to research typical hiring timelines and processes based on the career field you are thinking about pursuing. 

Let the University Career Center Help You.

Below are resources created by the University Career Center that can (1) help you get started with your internship search and (2) target your internship search based on the career field you want to explore.

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Beyond Just Getting Started in Your Internship Search

Choose a guide that fits your career interests and learn industry-specific information to continue your internship search.  These topics were determined based on top career interest fields reported by UMD students in Careers4Terps.

Internship Searching In:

  • the Federal Government
  • Capitol Hill & Annapolis (coming soon!)
  • Law for undergraduate students (coming soon!)
  • Healthcare & Medical for undergraduate students (coming soon!)

Other Internship Resources created by the University Career Center:




Jobs and internships are posted every month in Careers4Terps