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Agriculture, Environment & Sustainability

Careers within the Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability cluster are diverse and offer lots of variety, however can often be niche and specialized in focus.

The area of agriculture considers the relationship between human and natural resources and includes the areas of plant, crop and animal sciences; agronomy; food research, development, production and safety; natural resource management, fisheries, forestry and water management.

Environment and Sustainability more broadly explore areas of environmental science and risk assessment; landscapes and design; sustainability and planning; governance and stewardship. Include sample hiring timeline if relevant

In general, employers within these industries do not recruit during a particular season/hiring timeline. Be sure to watch for opportunities all year long, given most will tend to hire and recruit when needs arise, thus many positions are available on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

Where UMD Alumni Have Worked or Interned

Info from graduation survey

Advantage Environmental Consultants, LLC, Banfield Pet Hospital, Baltimore County Soil Conservation District, Eddie-Mercer Agri-Services, Inc., Environmental Quality Resources, LLC, GEO-Instruments, John Hopkins Medicine, Kimley-Horn, Maryland Clean Energy Center, MD Department of Natural Resources, NIH, SavATree, University of Maryland, US EPA, USDA, WTI

Career options if you have a...

Agricultural Science Research Technician, Animal Care Technician, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Farm Manager, Field Agronomist, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Food Technologist, Landscape Designer, Plant Healthcare Specialist, Project Coordinator, Quality Assurance Specialist, Research Entomologist, Soil Conservationist, Urban Conservationist, Veterinary Assistant

Corporate Sustainability Specialist, Environmental Officer, Campus Sustainability Officer, Consultant, Lobbyist, College Farm Manager

Associate Research Fellow, Agricultural Economist, Assistant/Associate Faculty

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Ways to Gain Experience

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Tips for Finding a Job & Internship

  • Informational interviews with alumni is a great way to hear about various career paths and get first-hand knowledge about how to best pursue careers of interest. Both the UMD Alumni Group on LinkedIn and Terrapins Connect are great sources of alumni. 
  • Connecting with faculty and staff is a great way to learn about opportunities given the duality of diversity and specificity of these career paths. Pay attention to departmental listservs and seek advice from these professionals who are experts in their fields. 
  • Get connected and plugged into professional associations and conferences. These are great ways to learn more about the field, build your network and connect with organizations and agencies. 
  • Be open to both local, state and national opportunities. While some of the employers in the field are large with structured and formal recruiting processes, many great opportunities are also small-medium sized and much less structured in their approaches. Don’t preference one over the other, but remain open. 
  • A few job boards of interest might include: GetIntoEnergyJobs, NetImpact, Wildlife Society Jobs
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