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Consulting, Finance, Operations and Entrepreneurship

No matter the function, roles within this cluster seek to apply business acumen to the art and science of offering a product or service to clients and customers. Career paths within this cluster include consulting, finance, operational roles and entrepreneurship.

Where UMD Alumni Have Worked or Interned 

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Accenture, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Meta, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hamilton Place Strategies, Capital One, Advisory Board, Fannie Mae, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB)

Career options if you have a...

Business Analyst, Compliance Analyst, Project Manager, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Consultant, HR Manager/Generalist, Employee Training Specialist, Recruiter, Client Relations Specialist, Account Manager/Executive, Investment Banking Analyst, Entrepreneur

Management Consultant, Financial Manager, Operations Management, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur

C-level Executive, Economist, Professor, Director of Human Resources

Firsthand Career Guides

  • Consulting Jobs
  • Insurance Jobs
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  • Investment Banking Jobs
  • Human Resources Jobs
  • Real Estate Jobs

Consulting, Finance, Operations and Entrepreneurship Careers on YouTube


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Operations Research Analyst

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Ways to Gain Experience

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Tips for Finding a Job & Internship

  • Recruiting timelines for finance and consulting are on accelerated timelines. You can expect to apply for an internship as early as a year in advance. Full-time hiring often will take place early in the fall prior to spring graduation. These organizations are active on campus, so pay attention to the events calendar and campus career fairs for opportunities to connect and apply. 
  • Preparation for the consulting interviews is essential. Many consulting firms utilize the case interview, to assess your critical thinking, business acumen and communications skills. There are a wealth of resources available in addition to those organizations might offer. 
  • Interpersonal skills are critical in these fields. Thus, while have technical knowledge and business acumen is also important, take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate leadership, hone public speaking skills and get comfortable interacting with a diverse array of people. 
  • Stay up to date on the news and current events within these industries. The Wall Street Journal is a great resource and is free via UMD libraries. Many of the organizations are also active on LinkedIn and it is a great way to remain current. 
  • Have a start-up idea or want support building your entrepreneurial capacity? There are variety of campus resources
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