The University Career Center tracks the initial destinations of UMD grads through the Graduation Survey which is administered to bachelor’s degree recipients for each graduation cohort.  The survey captures career-related outcomes, as well as data on participation in co-curricular activities during graduates’ tenure at the University of Maryland.  The report covers August 2018, December 2018, and May 2019 graduates.

Outcomes At A Glance
Post-graduate outcomes were identified for 81% of the students most recently surveyed.  Information was collected through the survey instrument and from other sources, including social media profiles, employers, individual faculty members, academic departments, and the National Student Clearinghouse.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of respondents reported having participated in at least one internship during their time at the University of Maryland.  The majority of students completed two or more internships.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of respondents that participated in internships reported having at least one paid internship.  Thirty-two percent (32%) reported having had at least one internship for academic credit.

See the full report:   Graduation_Survey_2019_FINAL_Report_5-1-20.pdf 


of 2019 UMD bachelor's recipients secured employment, entry into a graduate program, or related outcome within 6 months of graduation